Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Mister and I moved to a new apartment in April. It’s actually much bigger than our old one was, so the logical consequence is: we need more furniture! We finally have enough space for a really big dining table and are having one customized, I’m so looking forward to the result!! And, since one prefers to sit while eating, some new chairs also need to be added. We do have spots integrated in the ceiling in some areas, like kitchen, hallway or bathroom, but we still need some lamps for the other rooms (hello, Tom Dixon Globe!). One piece of „furniture“ that the Mister is craving badly (and probably the only thing that really matters to him, besides the dining table), is something totally unnecessary, but undoubtedly fun: a table soccer table. And being totally honest, I quite like the idea of having one at home, too. We do have a spare room that we don’t really know what we want to use it for, and until now, only our bookshelf and guitars made it there, so it would be perfect for table soccer games with friends! But first, there are more important things to add, like a little extension to our couch area – we have the Söderhamn couch from Ikea, a series that can be expanded easily – ,some nice decoration and pictures.

I’ve put together a little collage of some of the things we’re planning on getting for our apartment. And yes, I also added a soccer table 😉 Now, all I need is for the stuff to come home to mama!

  1. Tom Dixon Globe in copper
  2. Copper lamp by house doctor via dastropenhaus.de
  3. Art prints by Vontrueba
  4. „About a Chair“ by HAY
  5. Pillows by Eichholtz
  6. Wire basket by ferm Living
  7. Plaid by Eichholtz
  8. „Söderhamn“ Recamiere by IKEA
  9. Table Soccer Table via ebay

See you Lovies!! xx Verena