Somewhat Slightly Dazed

These last couple of days have been extremely hot (except for that intense thunderstorm on Wednesday). The air felt heavy, almost sticky, and it was quite impossible to focus on…well, anything! I think this ferocious heat makes you slightly dazed and slow acting.

The Mister and I went for breakfast the other day, and usually, I always, ALWAYS want to sit outside if there’s an option, but this time we rather stayed indoors because it was already too warm to eat while being exposed to rays of sunshine. Strolling around the city would have been totally pointless because after approximately two minutes, we would have melted away (okay, not melted away maybe, but we definitely would have gotten annoyed and therefor gone home straight). My suggestion – as always – was to pack our bathing clothes and towels and go swimming, the only reasonable thing to do when having a day off at  35 degrees. However, getting the Mister to go swimming at a lake or, heaven forbid, a public swimming pool even, is roughly as hard as making him watch horror movies – and there’s nothing he detests more than said movies. I managed to make him go along once, when my brother, his girlfriend and I went to see „The Conjuring“, and when the movie had ended and the lights went back on, he jumped up and jelled „Never again!“ while shoving his way past his attendants and basically running out the cinema hall.

So we decided to go down to the riverside and stay in the shade a little, sitting next to the water and enjoying the cool down there. No swimming for me, but at least I saw some water haha 😉wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-003

Dress: Zara (on Sale!), Sunnies: Ray Ban Large Aviator

wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-016

wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-014

Sandals: Aldo (last year), Bag: vintage ostrich bag from Granny, Nailpolish: Sally Hansen „Pat on the Black

wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-004

wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-012

wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-011

wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-012

wearestardust - outfit - spitzenkleid-010

C u Lovies!

xx Verena