A Day At The Beach

After showing you my favourite swimwear last week, this week’s all about the other beach essentials. A large towel, pretty throw, straw hat and – of course – sunnies are your companions for a relaxed day at the seaside! To protect your feet from the hot sand, and also for hygienic reasons (public restrooms, just sayin’…) you need some slides you can easily rinse the sand off when heading home/to the hotel. And what you should NEVER forget about: putting sunscreen on regularly while frizzling in the sun is most important! Use a higher SPF rather than risking a sunburn, you’ll get tanned anyways. A cute and roomy beach bag is perfect to store all your necessities, including water (don’t forget to stay hydrated!) and books or magazines. And for a final touch-up, colour your nails in a fresh and summery hue. Now, all you have to do is relax and enjoy!!

  • I already own the „Neo Noir“ from Le Specs, but I sure wouldn’t mind adding the „Halfmoon Magic“ with silver mirrored glasses to my collection. I love Le Specs because I think the value-for-money-ratio is highly appropriate.
  • For those of you who prefer a tunic over a pareo to cover up a bit more, this white model with light blue palm print by Miguelina via Net-a-Porter might be a cute option! I personally think that whenever you go to a beach bar or restaurant, no matter how casual the place might be, you should always cover either your bottom with a pareo or towel, or your top with a shirt, dress or tunic.
  • The straw hat is from H&M and I totally love the black ribbon detail (it’s also available in white).
  • The palestine print is the signature print of German label lala Berlin. I already own their falcon bag and absolutely love it, be it taking it to the beach or to grocery shopping, but this spacious beach bag would also be a nice companion.
  • The smell of Piz Buin immediately makes me think of summer and vacation, so I would pick their Ultra Light Sun Spray SPF 30.  I could also go with a lower SPF but I’d rather be safe than sorry 😉 For the face, I use „More Than Face Cream SPF 30“ by swiss brand Artemis. By far the best facial sunscreen I’ve ever had, it not even slightly greasy and smells divine! After spending your day exposed to the sun, you should always moisturize well. While I’m not sure if an After-sun product really does a better job than just any other moisturizing body lotion, I definitely like cooling products to soothe my sun-stressed skin. This Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Cooling Gel contains vitamins, helps with the pain if you got sunburnt, and prevents your skin from peeling. Plus the packaging is nice. I know, not too relevant but I’m a total packaging freak. Hm.
  • I love my Adilettes and have worn them nonstop since I got them couple of weeks ago. Mine are the classic red ones with white stripes, but I also like this light blue version. AAAnd you can also personalize them!! Love!
  • My beach towels honestly have seen better days, they are super old and bleached out by the sun, saltwater and chlorine. So I wouldn’t mind replacing them by this chic beach towel from Missoni Home. It’s a total splurge, but considering I’ve had my beach towels for years, maybe you can justify the price by the period of time you will be using the towel. Anyways, I just love the colours and pattern!
  • Nail polish is by far one of my favourite beauty products, and this orange-y shade by Dior is fittingly called „Riviera„. J’aime beaucoup!!

C u Lovies,

xx Verena