The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes

I love reading (especially in bed!), so I decided I’m going to share some of my recent discoveries and all-time faves here on the blog. Ever since I was a child, I loved immersing in different lives, times and adventures through stories and notes.

One of the last books I’ve read is Anna McPartlin’s „The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes“. It was an impulse buy, I’ve been wandering around and decided to sit down at Museumsquartier and read a magazine, and in need of a read (yes, I’m artlessly rhyming here) I ended up getting this book, that was actually bought just because I liked the cover most. Indecisive me couldn’t really pick one, so I went with the most appealing exterior, something I never do… when it comes to books at least. Most of the time, I already know which copies I want to get and buy them specifically, but in this case I just made a haphazard purchase which turned out to be just my luck.wearestardust - buch-011

Anna McPartlin is an Irish writer, who worked as a stand-up-comedian before writing her first book, which came out in 2006. „The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes“, published in 2014, also takes place in Ireland and deals with the last nine days of Rabbit’s life before she dies of the consequences of breast cancer.

Rabbit, a 40-year-old whose actual name is Mia, works as a journalist and is taken to a hospice for the last chapter of her life. The book discusses a woman dealing with the fact she has to leave her little daughter Juliet behind, her parents and siblings coping with the situation, and her childhood and youth, including her one and only true love and his tragic fate.

Despite the heavy and depressing subject, McPartlin manages to keep a positive vibe throughout the book, and I really had to laugh out loud at some passages. The characters are depicted both loving and odd, and I enjoyed reading the novel from beginning to end.

The topic was especially touching for me since my grandpa passed away last month, and reading about the book’s characters handling the death of a beloved in a very strong and positive way helped me coping with my own situation.

I totally can recommend this book, it’s both moving and entertaining, and I can see myself getting another one of McPartlin’s novels soon.

Are there any books you can recommend, or any authors you like/prefer?

C u Lovies!! xx Verena