Flavour Faves

I like to call myself a second Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. Nope, I’m not trying to create the best perfume in the world by experimenting with wax and dead girl’s hair, I’m just highly sensitive to any kind of odour. You could say my nose works very accurately, I can smell literally EVERYTHING. Everything. If you don’t believe me, ask the Mister, I’ve been driving him crazy more than once because he just couldn’t detect whatever stench or divine haze I was sensing and desperately wanting to discuss with him.

So I decided I wanted to share with you some of my favourite flavours and savours out there, be it perfumes, scented candles or shower gel. Not included are things like the smell of fresh flowers, of trees and grass after a long summer rain, or a baby’s head (okay, that sounds a little creepy and Jean-Baptiste-like, I know, but it’s so true though…). Only the buyable options shall be displayed here.

  1. Penhaligon’s perfumes are among the best out there, in my book. I’ve already had „Iris Prima„, a very gentle and powdery, yet fresh scent. „Vaara“ smells of carrot seeds, saffron, roses and other flowers. The base note is woody, with honey and white musk. I find it very vibrant and fruity, so it’s perfect for summer! Plus, the pretty packaging does it’s bit – eye candy for your bathroom or vanity!
  2. While typing this, I’m wrapped in the sweet scent of the Annick Goutal „Petite Chérie“ candle, a birthday present I got. The french perfumer created the scent for her daughter Camille. The bouquet is composed of peach, freshly cut grass, pear and bulgarian rose, with a base note of vanilla and musk-rose. The scent is also available as Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. The products come in a very decorative packaging, the candle itself does not only smell heavenly, it’s also highly decorative.
  3. My preferred shower gel is „Flying Fox“ from Lush. A truly sexy and sensuous smell, this goodness contains jasmine ( I just LOVE jasmine!!), ylang-ylang and honey. On top of filling the whole bathroom with it’s delicious scent, the shower gel is super nurturing. Plus, Lush does not support animal testing! Sadly, they obviously decided to abandon „Flying Fox“ from their standard range 😦  I must get some stocks here, and all of you that want to try it (or already love it) as well: hurry hurry!!
  4. A classic when it comes to scented candles is french brand Diptyque. „Pomander“ is one of my favourites from the brand, it has an excellent throw and especially when it’s cold outside, I love the smell of orange, cinnamon and clove. Perfect for Christmas, this scent is also available as room spray.
  5. While Jo Malone also has a well-known, wide range of candles, room sprays and reed diffusers, their fragrances must not be forgotten. The colognes are not too intense, very natural and subtle, unfortunately they don’t last too long so that’s a bit of a downside. For summer, I love „French Lime Blossom„, which smells clean and fresh, and „Wild Fig & Cassis„,  that’s more earthy and aromatic.
  6. In Istanbul, I discovered the brand „Geodesis“ and completely fell in love with their scent „Giroflier„, which means clove tree. While I’ve had the candle, there’s also a reed diffuser that I’d like to get for our walk-in closet. Warm and spicy, yet not too strong and floral. I also got to smell the other scents and was quite impressed by all of them!
  7. The lucky number seven is my absolute favourite, the „Tomato Leaf“ perfume by Illuminum. Being part of the Haute-series, this fragrance is extremely long-lasting and I think the smell develops with time, so the longer you wear it the more multifaceted it gets. I was immediately hooked the second my bestie sprayed it on me last autumn, and since then, I was hesitating to buy it. The reason for my indecisions: the price tag, and only that. The perfume is quite the expense, but the wait finally had an end when I got it for my birthday last week. Yay!! It smells of carrot seeds, freesia, musk and simply pure goodness. I’m obsessed with it and so happy I finally can call it mine! The brand is available online, in Austria you can only get it at „Le Parfum“ in Vienna. The small shop has a great range of niche perfumes, I can highly recommend it guys!

What’s your favourite smell? Are there any fragrances, candles or the like that you can’t get enough of?

C u Lovies! xx Verena