Some of you might already know that once a week (every Friday, to be exact), I write a post for, the online fanzine of Austrian shoe retailer, Humanic.

Trendsylvania is a site for everything fashion and trend related, and of course, shoes play the major part in it. Whether you want to know how to style your favourite pair of heels, how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall, which trends are hot right now or what the current it-bag looks like, head over to Trendsylvania and you’ll sure find out!

There also is a print version coming out every three months, and I’m so happy to be featured in the current fall issue. I’ve been asked to put together a cool and urban street-style look, and I’m overly excited because they also wrote a few lines about We Are Stardust. Woohoo!!

So all of you that are about to start shopping for fall and visit a Humanic store, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Trendsylvania magazine!

C u soon Lovies,

xx Verena