Memory Of A Free Festival

You guys, I’m soo looking forward to the weekend for various reasons!! Reason number one: the Nuke festival takes place in Graz, and I will be attending. I haven’t been to a festival in two years, and I’ve never been one to sleep in a tent for three days and to give my daily shower a miss. That’s why the only festival I have attended so far – that one twice though – has been Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia’s second biggest city. Together with three of my besties, we’ve rented an apartment to be able to take our much needed shower after partying until 7 am and sleep in a (more or less) comfy bed. After getting up at noon, we spent our days strolling around the old town of Novi Sad, eating in our favourite place every-single-day (yes, we tend to get a little Monk-ish sometimes) and spending time at the „beach“ (there is no sea in Serbia, obviously, but you can swim in the Danube), drinking cocktails and playing silly card games. I totally recommend visiting Exit, especially when you are into electronic music.

But back to tomorrow’s Nuke, a rather small, one-day festival going down at the Stadthalle Graz. There will be only austrian and german bands playing, including Wanda, Bilderbuch (have seen them before), Cro and Seeed. Also, there will be a slow food market by Artisan Food Collective, providing organic delicacies, and a design market by Edelstoff.

The second reason why I’m excited about tomorrow? One of my closest friend’s birthday is coming up on Sunday, so we’re going to start celebrating tomorrow by having brunch at Freiblick, a really nice café and restaurant with a stunning view at the Schloßberg, before attending Nuke together. And on Sunday (reason number 3), we’ll have a little birthday picnic for her. Plus, our whole group of girlfriends will be together this weekend, which is always so good since we’re split up between Vienna and Graz (that’s my reason number 4). We’ve all seen each other two weeks ago for my hens night and will be seeing each other in two weeks again when I’m getting married, but you can never have enough celebrations with your girlfriends right?

But now let’s get to the festival attire. I’ll be wearing something like the outfit in the pics: simple and comfy, but with a pop of colour in the form of my Furla mini bag. It’s always good to wear a small crossbody bag when going to a party or concert, so you won’t have something heavy weighing you down and at the same time keep your hands free for drinks and waving around 😉

As much as I enjoy wearing slides and sandals all day – and night – long in summer, when at a festival you rather want to wear sneakers, much safer for your toes and feet when jumping around 😉 Mine are Stan Smith by Adidas. Memory Of A Free Festival

To prevent my hair from getting into my way when shaking it out, I’ll be wearing a turban. This one is from Zara.

Memory Of A Free Festival

outfit festival-12

Top: COS (sold out, alternative here, here or here), Jeans: Topshop „Jamie“

outfit festival-17

outfit festival-20

outfit festival-21

outfit festival-2

C u Lovies!! xx Verena