I guess I’m having an intense retro phase. As I’m typing this, I’m listening to 70s and 80s songs and blatantly singing along at the top of my lungs. I’m not sure if Fatty the cat is really feeling it, as he changes between hurriedly running out the room and stoically gazing out the terrace door. Since I’m not trying to torture my neighborhood with my singing, I’ve closed all the windows. Security measures.

Also, the backdrop of today’s pics suits my current obsession with everything old and vintage. Plus, the beige and sandy colours really match the outfit. As it gets colder, I love wearing warm and muted hues, especially all kinds of caramel and camel.

I’m already looking forward to wearing cozy knits, long coats, wool hats and sturdy boots again. But for now, a cashmere cardigan will do and keep me warm in the evenings. The one in the pics is from H&M, I already bought it last winter.

As it’s still warm enough, strappy flats and loafers are the ideal footgear if you’re looking for something a little more dressy. I’m also a huge sneakers fan and am currently thinking about getting me a nice pair of Superstars. Also, a pair of New Balance is still missing from my shoe closet and I’m hoping I find some I like this fall. It’s a weird love-hate-relationship between me and New Balance, as everytime I try them on I’m not 100% sure about them and decide not to get them. Well, first world problems – meaning no real problem at all, anyways.



The pants are from Zara (earlier this year, similar grey ones here), shoes are Valentino (metallic option here, also loving the entire black ones).  The bag is a vintage ostrich leather bag my dad once had made for my granny.

Under the cardy, I was wearing an airy, flowy top by Zara. Similar here, off-shoulder option here.

Alright Lovies, have a great weekend, me and Fatty are going to have a dance-off to Bonnie Tyler now. Not sure if I can beat him though, that dude is pretty flexible… 😉