Station to Station – Szia Budapest!

After completely falling in love with Budapest last year in August (I’ve already shared some impressions from that trip in the blog post here), the Mister and I spent some days in the Hungarian capital as part one of our honeymoon. This time around, we clearly focused on one of our favourite activities: eating. And if there’s anything you can do in Budapest, it’s eating well. But let’s start from the beginning…

The Mister booked a room in the very centrally located Zenit Hotel Budapest. The hotel is just 50 meters away from the Danube on the Pest side, right next to Váci utca, the longest street of Pest’s pedestrian area. The room was bright, the bathroom spacious enough, and the bed really comfy. I didn’t like the pillow that much, but that wasn’t a problem since you can choose from a „pillow menu“ and have the cushion of your choice delivered to your room. Yay! We’ve been welcomed with a plate of fresh fruit and a bottle of Prosecco but I think the Mister ordered that… I can’t tell you how the breakfast is, since we never had it in the hotel but instead always fetched a coffee and puff paste at Dzsem on Vigyázó Ferenc utca 7. The sheep’s cheese and spinach pastry is THE best, and they make a darn good Cappuccino. From the hotel room, we unfortunately had no view because of the Marriott hotel being in between the Zenit and the riverside. On the ground floor of the hotel, there is the Divin Porcello ham bar, a lovely restaurant that we didn’t get to try out due to lack of time/space in our stomachs, but definitely will do when we come back next time! Overall, I can recommend the Zenit Hotel Budapest and would book it again anytime.

That was „the view“:




On Sunday evening, we had a burger at a food truck called „BRGR“, I missed taking pictures but our meal was really good. After that, we walked around and had a drink at Raqpart (some pics can be found in my travel diary here). And that was about it, our energy wasn’t enough to hang around more so we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.



Since we were on „lazy mode“ after the super hectic previous weeks, the next morning we bought a ticket for a tour and had us driven around the city in an open-topped bus. The ticket was valid for 48 hours and cost 44 Euros for the two of us, including the option of a boat ride, so it was very keen in my book.


Not only did we take super beautiful selfies (sarcasm for those of you that are wondering)….


…we also couldn’t resist taking a slightly annoying wedding ring pic. Power ranger style, of course.



We got out at Castle Hill on the Buda side and walked around there, enjoying the view from Fishermen’s Bastion. For our next trip, we’ve already planned to do a castle tour and explore the museums and library that are located on the inside nowadays.

View from Castle Hill, on the other riverside you can see the parliament.




We had lunch at beautiful Vintage Garden. The food was heavenly, we shared a salad with goat’s cheese and strawberries as a starter and then I had pasta arrabbiata, and the Mister opted for ravioli with salmon. I hardly ever have pasta at a restaurant because most of the time, I like my home cooked version better, but we were craving pasta for some reason and didn’t regret ordering it because it was delicious!!! The drinks were also super yummy, the Mister had homemade ice tea and I had ginger lemonade. I totally encourage you guys to go to Vintage Garden when in Budapest, we loved it!Budapest-026




A little postprandial stroll followed the carb-heavy meal…






Thirtsy again, we sat down for drinks at Fröccsterasz in Erzsébet tér, Budapest’s largest green area, and watched some kids skating and riding their BMX bikes, the ferris wheel „Budapest Eye“ in the background. Budapest-050

Our not-so-good attempt to make a selfie with the ferris wheel in the back: (I look super wasted, actually just had a coke light with lemon so..)


For dinner, we went to our fave asian place in Budapest, Tokio. We sat outside and it was too dark to take any food pictures, but don’t worry we went there again for lunch and took pics of the nom noms. The restaurant itself looks really outer space-y:


I was thinking really hard which Maki I should get…


The Mister doing a seductive face…or almost falling asleep because it took me so long to order…


„T“ (for Thorsten, of course):Budapest-056

The next day, we did some more exploring!

The famous Heroes Square.







We had a little snacky, some Rosé and cup-like Gin & Tonics at the fabulous Kiosk, one of my absolute fave venues in Budapest! You need to go there, enjoy the atmosphere and view, admire the beautiful interior (they have the most spectacular sinks in the bathroom, I wanted to take a pic but there were always other ladies inside so I couldn’t) and have some delicious food. We ordered the Antipasti and it was divine!







And because that wasn’t enough food for the day, we later on had a gigantic hot dog at a place very fittingly called „Hot Dog Cold Beer“. We chose the New York style with Sauerkraut and roasted onions. Nom!




On our last day, we took the boat and went to Margaret Island. The 2,5km long island is a green oasis of quiet and calm in the middle of the Danube, between the Buda and Pest side of the city. Named after princess Margaret, who had to live on the island as a nun (thanks to her father’s promise to God), you can still see the ruins of the Dominican monastery she stayed in. Also, you can find an old water tower, a small zoo, an olympic pool, an open-air pool, two hotels, plenty of bars and lots of green areas on the island. It can either be reached by boat, bus or foot, since it is connected to the mainland via Margaret bridge in the south and Árpád bridge in the north.



When in Budapest, also check out the train stations Nyugati pályaudvar (western train station) and Keleti pályaudvar (eastern train station). This time, we’ve been to Nyugati pályaudvar.



Former waiting hall, now a McCafé.





Before we left Budapest, we went back to Tokio to have lunch in the sun and strengthen ourselves for the long drive home. So now, as conclusion to this food-heavy post, some food porn in the form of Maki rolls. They’re just soo good!!




Alright loves, I hope you liked some of the places I suggested to you, I would go back in a heartbeat if only I could and for sure, next year we will come again Budapest!! So many cool bars and restaurants still there to discover…