Bootie Call

Are there any reasons to look forward to colder temperatures, rain and wind?! Well, there are a few actually, at least for me. Only fashion reasons, to be honest, but still. Hats. Oversized wool coats. Chunky knits. Leather pants. And most of all, booties. No, I’m not talking about derriere here. This is about footgear, ankle boots to be exact. As much as I would like to call a pair of Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots my own (maybe this year?), I tend to stick with low-cut uppers. I like to pair them not only with trousers, but also with skirts and opaque tights. I’ve picked some of my this year’s favourites, and if I could, I would sure get them all!! See, I’m getting greedy when it comes to these babies. But they are just so beautiful, so how could I not?!

  1. Well, this first pair are honestly rather sneakers than boots, but anyways. Made from velvet and leather, these high-tops by Dries Van Noten are super special, and I find them rather fancy for sneakers. They sure would look great styled with an oversized blazer, white shirt and cropped trousers. Plus, I like the colour palette of the shoes.
  2. The black „Susan 2“ ankle boots by Melvin & Hamilton are my preferred staple item when it comes to shoes. I’ve had a pair for the last two years but I’ve worn them so often I had to say goodbye to them. (Also, I’m admittedly really bad when it comes to taking care of my shoes, or something is wrong with my feet and that’s why most of my shoes don’t last too long…). The quality of these boots is really good, as is the price, so I’m definitely getting another pair!
  3. I used to have some classic Timberland boots when I was younger, and I started thinking about getting a pair lately. They are just so practical, especially when it has been snowing a little and the streets are all dirty and wet and slippery. And, paired with jeans, a parka or casual coat and a chunky beanie, they look great!!
  4. If there was a shoe fairy, offering to gift me with a pair of really extraordinary lace-up boots, no matter the price, I would not hesitate and opt for these beauties here: the embellished René Caovilla boots are something else. I love the shape of them and they pretty sure revamp even the simplest outfit. Then again, the outfit definitely should be modest when stepping out in this punk-ish boots. Shoe fairy, I’m waiting…
  5. Another classic are Dr. Martens. I own a pair of the 1460 8-eye boots in cherry red, but I also like these lower Emmeline 5-eye boots in a darker red hue. Dr. Martens are very comfortable, at least after you’ve worn them in, it doesn’t matter if they look worn or get scratches, only makes them look more interesting, and they will last you a long time (even I didn’t manage to destroy mine yet). You can never go wrong with a pair of these in my book!
  6. I’m a sucker for cut-out boots, and on those warmer autumn days, this pair of black ankle boots by Francesco Russo would be the perfect companion! Pointed toe, understated buckles, just the right amount of cut-outs – what’s not to love?! I’m already head over heels for these booties.
  7. Budget-friendly and with a cosy lining made of faux fur, the „Lulu“ ankle boots by Selected Femme in silver metallic spice up every outfit in a heartbeat, without being „too much“. They look so comfy and I love the pattern, so I think I’ll just have to give them a go and press the „check-out“ button…
  8. Similar in shape to the Selected-boots, these black patent Desert boots by Alaïa are made in Italy and totally go with everything, from jeans to smart trousers to pleated skirts to leather boots to…you name it! I think they are just beautiful, classy and edgy at once. They are not inexpensive, but I think these won’t go out of style anytime soon so I think they can be justified as an investment…right?
  9. Last but sure not least, the „Susanna“ boots by Chloé complete my wishlist. These beauties are also made in Italy and are the newer version of Chloe’s „Susan“ boots from 2008. I still like them, especially in that „deep plum“ colour, But I’m not sure for how long I would like them if I owned them, or how often I would wear them, since they are rather flamboyant. I rather splurge on items that are more understated and I know I will love longtime, like the Alaïa boots. So my plan is to wait and hopefully be lucky enough to score my Susanna on sale, let’s keep our fingers crossed for me shall we? 😉

What are your favourite kind of shoes for fall and winter?! Do you also have a heart for ankle boots or are there other shoe styles you prefer?

C u Lovies,

xx Verena