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Do any of you guys also feel super tired, exhausted, snuffy, in short: poorly these days? Well, I unfortunately do, which is why I couldn’t bring myself to do the weekly collage here on the blog yesterday. But, as they say, it’s only a pleasure deferred 😉 I wanted to show you some awesome finds from Hennes & Mauritz brand & other stories. Unfortunately, there is no store in Austria yet, but they have an online shop that allows you to have the Scandinavian style items – including their cosmetic line consisting of skin care, bath & body products, make up and scented candles – delivered to your doorstep. I personally love the sugar body scrubs, they are super gentle and smell divine!

But let’s get to business… One thing before we start: due to the structure of the website, I can only link you to the top categories on the & other stories site, not to the items directly. I tried. Sorry guys! 

The key piece here is the green gradient wool blend coat.  Even though I’m not the biggest fan of acrylic used as a material in clothes, I’m head over heels for this ombré number. Not only the colour, also the boyish cut are to fall in love. I would prefer it being fully made of wool and alpaca, but it’s a fun coat for a change in your winter wardrobe. A similar, also very nice option is this blue gradient coat by Paul Smith (that all the items I picked would also go with…just sayin‘).

Look 1

  • Cashmere beanie and scarf in light pink. I like the bright and fresh colour with the green of the coat,
  • Dark blue cotton sweater with raised beige dots. This one already made it to my basket…I’m such a sucker for dots!!
  • Small leather bag with gold detail in light pink. Perfect with beanie and scarf!
  • Black wool blend mini skirt. I love wearing mini skirts with opaque or woolen tights in autumn and winter. This is a super versatile piece that can be worn with every- and anything.
  • Overknee boots made of stretchy black suede with rund toe. I love the look of these boots, I’m just not sure if it makes sense for me to buy suede shoes at all, let alone in fall or winter, since you have to take special care of suede (waterproof, brush and so on) and I’m the worst person ever to take care of my footgear. My sincere apologies at this point to all of my unattended pairs at home, I still love you despite the lack of attention regarding your maintenance!
  • As good as the overknee boots would look paired with the mini skirt and coat, these copper ankle boots also would make a nice match. I’m so tempted to purchase them as well…

One item that would look great with either outfit, is this black leather backpack. Super simple and classic, it’s also available in pastel yellow.

Look 2

  • Midnight blue wool beanie with swallow embroidery and matching gloves.
  • Matching both beanie and gloves, this oversized blue wool scarf is a staple piece for your fall and winter closet.
  • This beautiful cashmere sweater in the most gorgeous dove blue also made it into my shopping basket…just too cuddly to resist!
  • Black leather bag with golden D-ring buckle closure. Also, it’s similar in style to the stunning YSL Lulu bag.
  • Silver pleated skirt. I love both shape and colour of the skirt and think it would look great with a fine cashmere jumper as pictured, a silk blouse or a chunky oversized knit.
  • Black metallic crochet socks. Because you can never have enough socks, because they are pretty, and because they go so well with the last item on my list, these
  • Silver leather flats. I love the Velcro fastener and the shimmering upper, and no matter how simple the outfit, these babies upgrade your style factor in a heartbeat!

How do you like & other stories? Have you shopped there before? And which items are your favourites?

C u loves,

xx Verena