Stay Comfy

Even though in the last couple of days we’ve been blessed with mostly sunshine and warm temperatures here in Austria, my cold decided to stick with me through the period of fine weather, and I can’t get rid of it. Today, my head feels like I’m constantly under water holding my breath, as there is a lot of pressure on my eyes and ears, and my sinuses are totally blocked. I feel constantly tired, which is especially bad timing since I’m having an interview for a new job on Thursday and need to do my best when I’m there, so I’m hoping I will get better with lots of hot baths, tea by the liter, and I will finally give in and get me some nose spray today as my self-healing attempts have remained unsuccessfully.

Naturally, when feeling not too good, you try to pick outfits that are super comfortable and cosy. Flowing fabrics, soft wool and cashmere, a huge scarf and – if you leave the house – sneakers are the perfect looks-like-proper-clothes-but-feels-like-my-pjs-outfit. To make it look a little more dapper, add some delicate jewelry and a red lip (always makes you appear fresher and more „alive“, even when you’re already feeling like one of the walking dead…).

So here is my perfect comfy-cosy outfit, as usual including pieces from my ever-growing wish list. I’m off for a hot bath loves!! No power to viruses 😉

  • Acne Canada scarf in „dark wine“. This pretty baby is soon going to warm both my and the Mister’s neck, as I’m going to order two exemplars in different colours of this classic unisex piece of woolen Swedish goodness. Then we can switch, yay! Smartypants, ha? Btw, scarf goals = own one in every colour.
  • While the Half Moon bag in beige – the one I actually want to get – is currently sold out, this beautiful A.P.C. June bag in red is also eye candy. The vegetable tanned leather is just beautiful, and I love the simple, minimalistic style of the french label.
  • A pair of Adidas Superstar is nothing new or exciting, but a reliable staple in your shoe closet. I already own a pair of Stan Smith, but in spring I will definitely go for the Superstar as well. I’ve been hesitant because they are omnipresent at the moment – just like the Stan Smith – but I’ve tried them on lately and frankly, I like them. I remember I’ve had a pair when I was still in school, so why not give them another shot?
  • My current obsession with the & Other Stories collection is endless, so here’s another beautiful piece from the brand, a dark blue oversized woolen jumper. Simple, but all the more pretty.
  • According to Karl Lagerfeld, who wears sweatpants has lost control over his life. I can’t agree fully with king Karl on this one, as I love wearing sweats at home and hate nothing more than to hang around in my „street clothes“ bottoms on the couch. Nonetheless, going out in my joggers is not an option for me. That’s where this Selected Femme pants come in, as they provide you with the comfort of your sweatpants while looking proper and stylish.
  • This gold plated necklace by Jane Kønig is top of my wishlist right now, and you can also order the necklaces and pendants separately and create your very own style. I love to mix yellow, rosé and white gold, so I think these pearl and diamond pendants would look great combined with the yellow gold tags.
  • I already own two bracelets and a ring by Anna Inspiring Jewellery and have been eyeing the Heartbeat ring for quite some time now. Also one of my faves: the Camilla ring that looks like a small crown – super nice when worn on top of another dainty ring, like the „Ruby“ made of sterling silver.
  • As a finishing touch, add super dark nail polish (like „Nuit“ by Dior) and a nurturing red lipstick (the „Rouge G“ by Guerlain are divine, plus the case holds a small mirror for touch-ups on the go. I own two of them and would like to try a darker colour, like „Gaetane„).

Alright guys, stay healthy!! xx Verena