Cosy Times

Even though today the sun is shining, shrouding the colourful autumn leaves in a warm, golden light, it’s been mostly grey and rainy outside lately. Which makes it all the more comfortable to spend the evenings or weekends snuggling in a warm blanket on the couch, sipping hot tea or chocolate while reading or watching your favourite series on Netflix. Today, I’ve gathered some items that will make you enjoy staying in even more.

  • Linen spray „Lino nel Vento“ by Jo Malone. This linen spray smells like lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus, so it’s perfect to spray not only on your fresh laundry, but also on your bed sheets. Lavender is relaxing, helping with insomnia, migraine or fatigue.
  • I’m obsessed with Diptyque candles, and while „Pomander“ and „Figuier“ have been my faves so far, I’d like to try „Feu de Bois“ next. The candle smells of rare woods, a warm smell perfect for fall!
  • Almond shower oil by L’Occitane. Super nurturing and moisturizing! I love the smell of it, so the almond milk veil is the perfect completion to the shower gel. This body lotion contains almond oil, almond milk and proteins to soothe and firm the skin.
  • My favourite bubble bath on cold days is the „Ginger Float“ by Origins. The smell is so good even the – regarding smells really picky – Mister is convinced, ginger has a warming feature, and it lathers great! I’ve used mine up in spring but it’s about time to stock up on this darling.
  • I love reading in bed, and to read in bed, you need a bedside table to place a lamp and your books and magazines on. What is still missing in our new bedroom, anyways, are said nightstands. I’ve finally made up my mind on which ones I want to get. Considering I’m not the biggest fan of „classic“ nightstands, I’ve decided on the „Two Tone“ round tables by Zuiver.
  • The „Diamond Chair“ by Zuiver can be used as a dining chair, but in our apartment, it would be perfect as an office chair. Our study is furnished quite sparsely, and we wanted it that way so we can use it as a guest room and laundry room, too, but I think an upholstered chair would make it more comfortable than our current white plastic one.
  • I own the „Scuffette“ by Ugg in a dark purple hue, and I love them – the warmest house shoes I’ve ever had! This „Pendleton“ model in chestnut has a pretty pattern and nice colours.
  • Hay is one of my favourites when it comes to interior design and decor, and I’ve been eyeing the „Lup“ table candle holder for quite a while. It’s available at Cos now, too!
  • Another item to make our bedroom more cosy, besides the bed tables, is this lambskin rug by Ikea. It’s fluffy, it’s white, and I know Fatty the cat will love it, too, since he always sleeps on a small lambskin on our window sill during the day.

What are your interior favourites for fall? Any items you fell in love with?

xx Verena