Silly Boy Blue

The Hilmteich in Graz is pretty awesome. It’s a beautiful small pond, where you can pedal boat in summer and ice-skate in winter. I remember going ice skating there with my class, since the school was nearby. Behind the Hilmteich, there’s the Leechwald, where you can go for a walk or run (I don’t run, though, I’ve never really liked it and can’t bring myself to join the Mister when he does). I like walking up to the restaurant Häuserl im Wald and have a warm soup up there before heading back.

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-boat

Also, directly at the Hilmteich, there’s the café and restaurant Purberg, and a shop that I really love: Lederleitner, a fabulous place to buy interior decor and everything garden related, has a branch in Graz, located inside of the Hilmteichschlössl, right next to Purberg. So you can browse through the beautiful gems at Lederleitner and afterward sit outside and enjoy a Cappuccino while overlooking the pond.

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich - lederleitner- purberg

When the Mister and I decided to take a stroll the other day, the sun was shining so it was perfect to take my trenchcoat out. I bought it at Hallhuber in spring and really love it, it’s made of soft fabric and extra long, without any buttons or clasps. To some of you, my navy jumper with raised dots might seem familiar, as I’ve already featured it in this „Love You Till Tuesday“ post here. It is made of really heavy knit cotton and – as most of my jumpers – a bit oversized in shape. I paired it with ankle jeans, my vintage Moschino bag, a red beanie and black slip-ons. A super relaxed outfit, perfect for an autumn walk!

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-009

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich

Jumper: &Other Stories, bag: vintage Moschino

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-015

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-011

Jeans: Liu Jo, Slip-Ons: Asos (similar here, cute option here)

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-017

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-018

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-021

Nailpolish: Sally Hansen „So-nata Problem

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-030

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich-014

wearestardust - outfit - hilmteich - hallhuber

C u soon, and have a great start to the weekend guys! xx Verena