A Hint Of Blush

Outfit Wearestardust Style Trend Acne Selow bomber Closed Pedal Pusher APC Halfmoon bag H&M Chloé Sabrina Dehoff lala Berlin

I fell in love. Totally. I’m head over heels for the new Selow bomber jacket by Acne. Being one of the coolest labels in my book, Acne also has the Velocite shearling jacket in it’s repertoire, another one of my dream pieces that will stay exactly that for some time…price tag, ya noticed? Anyways, back to the Selow. I love the boyish cut combined with the soft, girly colour. Plus, especially for someone like me who dresses in darker hues in fall and winter, the jacket is the perfect companion for heavy knits and lots of black. What I would combine to it? Here we go!

  • Mohair blend jumper by H&M Trend. I already own this piece in light grey and even though it loses some hair I’m thinking about getting it in black as well.
  • Pedal pusher in mid blue denim by Closed. I used to buy expensive jeans but realized that the quality most of the time isn’t any better, but I’ve been eyeing the pedal pushers for quite some time now, and I’ll just have to give in. Just the perfect pair of cropped denim!!
  • APC Halfmoon bag. And the search continues. It’s currently sold out everywhere, so if any of you know where I can get it please let me know!!! A couple of days ago I saw one of these babies dangling on some girl’s shoulder and felt the slight urge to whip it off of her and run away. I didn’t, of course. But I don’t want to wait anymore, I WANT. THAT. BAG.  NOW!  …okay, let’s move on…
  • Woolen beanie „Shaula“by lala Berlin.
  • Gold plated jewellery by Sabrina Dehoff. Just browse through the online shop, so many great pieces!!
  • „Skyla“ ankle boots by See by Chloé via Zalando. I love the flame-like pattern and shape of the booties, and they would look so good with the rest of the outfit!

What do you think guys, is it a good idea to spend some money on a light pink bomber jacket, or would you rather buy one in a more neutral hue?! Let me know!

xx Verena