Current Cravings – All Blue Everything

Hey lovelies, it’s been a long time since the last Love You Till Tuesday here on the blog, and for sure the reason is NOT that there are no material goods gathered on my wishlist 😉

I’m all about spring already, and with the sun shining through the windows and temperatures rising up to 10 degrees and more, it’s no surprise. I really noticed a lack of jeans in my closet so I definitely have to stock up on some denim. And, the Mister meant well but didn’t do so good when he was washing my cashmere jumpers so now three of them might fit a five-year-old, but certainly not me, which is why I want to add one or two replacements to my closet, if winter should decide to show up once more.

Color-wise, I’m straying from my usual grey-black-white-palette here, since I’m really falling for a fresh and breezy blue these days. How I would like to stroll through the city? Here we go:

  1. This coat clearly resembles both my navy and camel model I already own, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for flowing, oversized wool coats so this baby from Zara might have to move in with me.
  2. I can’t get over these shoes!! I’m wondering if it makes sense to buy them now, as I don’t know how often I will be wearing (faux!) fur embellished shoes when it gets warmer, even though you can take the fur off, but I already own quite a few pairs of sneakers and the fur is what brings the fun here right? But at the latest, I’ll have to get them in fall, I think they are fantastic!! There is also a white option available, and four different colors of faux fur as it can be exchanged, so buying one pair of shoes gives you several style opportunities. Head over to Josefinas to see for yourselves!
  3. You might have noticed by now I’m just the biggest addict to sunnies and if I had my way (and unlimited budget), I would at least own 127 pairs by now. The Giaguaro by Retrosuperfuture are top of my list right now and will grace my nose when summer arrives. They have tons of different shapes and colors, so picking one is super hard, but you can never go wrong with blue lenses right?
  4. The Levi’s 501 CT is a modern classic, and had I ordered the right sizes, I would be the happy owner of not one, but two pairs of these babes already as they were on sale and I thought I made quite the steal. By the time I had returned them, of course all the smaller sizes were sold out, so here’s my tip for you: if you’re planning on getting a pair of 501 CT for yourselves, make sure you get them a size down from your normal one! Anyways, I’m super into boyfriend jeans right now so this destroyed version would just be fine with me 🙂
  5. Meli Melo might not be too well known here in Austria yet, but I love her bags, especially the Clemence. I think the clean design is reminiscent of Céline bags, and the other colors available are just as beautiful as this pastel blue version. I quite like the tan one, which colour would you prefer?
  6. Getting back to those shrunken jumpers, I love love love the brand Ganni, so this light blue jumper with side vents would be more than a worthy replacement.


What about you guys? Are you already in the mood for spring? And if so, which items or colors are on your wishlist?

Be sure to stay tuned, as tomorrow I’ll be posting the recipe to one of my fave dishes at the moment!

xx Verena